For anyone interested in seeing their real life story...

I love it when I get the opportunity to photograph families at home and any situation where the lines between home life and work life are blurred (artists, for example, and families who homeschool). If it's "normal life" for someone,  good chances are I'm up for photographing it. All I ask is that I be given the freedom to photograph honestly and accurately. I cannot (will not) carefully curate an experience to separate the "put together" from the mess in the corner, because the mess in the corner is the very part that communicates humanity! For me, it's about story, not perfection. It's about finding the core of a family (or artist or new parents or whomever), not just what is pretty. If these thoughts excite you, I'd love to hear from you. If they scare you, but you can't seem to shake them, I think you should reach out too! No need to commit to anything, but we

Real life session

$400 + travel*: 2-3 hours of documented lifea viewing gallery of 90+ images** 40-page soft cover storybook

*"Travel" means any location outside of Southern Oregon   **High res (printable) digital photos sold separately