Photo by  Molly Flanagan                  See her story of our family  here !

Photo by Molly Flanagan                 See her story of our family here!

Hey people! I’m Courtney, and I’m so excited that you're here! 

So. I never know what to share when it comes to me. But let’s see…I’m a Colorado native; I’m married to a farmer-turned-digital designer who is way cooler than I am; and I have 4 kids who were all made in Uganda, where we lived for 6 years. I love my couch. I’m not very good at “doing," and I’m terrible at multi-tasking. But I’m great at idea-making and vodka tonic-making too! I homeschool 3 of my kids and pick up after the 4th (because she's still little). 

One of the ways I use photography is for my own personal therapy. I was listening to This American Life one time, and the storyteller said something that sums up this particular role of photography in my life: “Placing the camera to my eye and squinting into it felt good; the way it covered up my face like a mask and stuffed the whole Yiddish circus of my family into a tiny, manageable little frame that I could fade in and out at will."

My family isn’t Yiddish, and the guy was talking about home videos, not photography, but still. That quote is spot on. I LOVE my family! They are just as awesome as yours! But I don’t always love being a mom or a wife. Because those roles are hard. So sometimes I use photography to process the hard parts.

Always, though, it is an avenue to help me see God in everydayness. Richard Foster said, "If we cannot find God in the routines of home and shop, then we will not find him at all." This has become the foundation of why I photograph my family.

Sometimes I photograph other families too, both locally here in Southern Oregon and throughout the U.S.  When I do, my goal is to photograph them in the same way I do my own: honestly, and through the lens of STORY.