The Christmas Tree Thing

The first year we moved back to America, we drove to the grocery store to get our Christmas tree. Quinn was only a few weeks old, it was my first time to leave the house, and I don't think I even got out of the car. Our second Christmas here we ventured into the  Oregonian mountains with friends to find a tree. It was a half-day excursion, and we had lots of fun.

Last year we weren't around, so we made a tree out of driftwood. We still have it. It's pretty neat.This year, we opted for something in between the forest adventure and the grocery store. We went to Bob's U-Cut Tree Farm. Apparently people grab the best ones around Thanksgiving, because there wasn't much to choose from. But we found one that seemed to work. It's probably too short, and it's definitely crooked, but the kids think it's beautiful. And we did have fun.