The Simply Tuesday Project

Rosina, Molly and I happened to have all read the same book: Simply Tuesday, by Emily P. Freeman.  It resonated with us, and we wanted the messages within its pages to soak in before they were forgotten. And so we created The Simply Tuesday Project as a way of both thinking about and responding to sections of the book that hit home for us. During this project, on Tuesdays we will each post a photo inspired by a quote from the book. Three different pictures, one quote.

Rosina's Project

Molly's Project

All quotes are from Emily P. Freeman, unless otherwise noted.


"When confronted with heartbreak, fear, questions, longing, frustrations, and grief, this new life means instead of running to build our cities of protection, we can set out on a different road. This road that may include loneliness, obscurity, hiddenness, and silence. It may be narrow, lined with danger, and filled with darkness at times. But we have a light that will not go out and cannot be turned off. The light of Christ burns bright within us, and wherever we go we will not go alone. This is our promise, our protection, and the place where our voice comes from." p. 35, 36