We see many stories in our social media feeds and on the news of terrible things happening in the world. They are true, and they are heartbreaking; but they aren’t the only truth. There are even more stories of people doing awesome things--things that may even motivate us to do our own awesome things when we see them.

The problem is these awesome people doing awesome things don’t always have the time or the skills to share their awesome stories. They become deeply submerged in the culture and work. Over time they lose the eyes to see the stories that are the bridge connecting them with people who support them personally and financially.  

The goal of Storybridge is to equip awesome people, like missionaries and non-profit workers, to grow their abilities as storytellers in order to bridge the gap between their life and their support network.

The great thing is that the bridge goes both ways, because those of us on the other side need their stories too. We need more of their life and perseverance through struggle and funny cultural mishaps in our lives.


So will you help us? Will you help us equip these awesome missionaries and non-profit workers to build bridges that will connect us with the power of their stories and connect them with their support network?  

When you purchase something from our SHOP (which basically means making a donation and choosing your "Thank You" gift), your money will go toward funding a pilot workshop and the development of a self-paced digital curriculum aimed toward missionaries and small non-profit workers. The pilot workshop will take place October 13-19 with a team of ReachGlobal missionaries in Mexico City:


Storybridge Mexico is a 4-day workshop that will teach the ReachGlobal missionaries to:

  • Clearly SEE their story

  • Beautifully DOCUMENT their story

  • Powerfully SHARE their story

We will lead them through sessions on photography and writing, including:

  • Vision Refinement

  • Sensitivity as Storytellers

  • Effective Writing Practices

  • Smartphone Storytelling

  • Personal Projects

  • and more

The missionaries themselves are contributing what they can, but in order to fully cover the costs of the workshop and digital curriculum development, our goal is to raise $2000 by our departure on October 12th.

We would be grateful if you would consider making a donation or purchasing an item from our shop by following the link.  Let’s build bridges together!


Image by ReachGlobal missionary to Mexico City, Naomi Smith

Image by ReachGlobal missionary to Mexico City, Naomi Smith